by Jonathan Danko Kielkowski


by Doug Rickard


The wrecked Cruise Ship is visible and attracts me like a magnet, so I finally venture to swim across.
Against all odds, I find the shipwreck freely accessible — neither fences nor security personnel! Rather, the doors are open, lights are turned on, no man can be seen—nothing in the way to document…

Jonathan Danke Kielkowski

On the 10th of april, 2004 I shot my first Polaroid in Los Angeles, the photograph features the Chevron Filling Station on the crossing of La Brea Avenue and Beverly Boulevard. A car had died down in the drive. Sky was grey like concrete and “Dude’s“ bowling site had fallen to demolition. Damn! I had an “In-And-Out“ burger with my sweetheart and turned my back on the city.

Janko Woltersmann

N.A. by Doug Rickard

“The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on. He took a face from the ancient gallery. And he walked on down the hall…“ 

Jim Morisson

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